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Are there hidden safety or structural issues living under that house you want to buy. Los Angeles home inspector, Tim Allison, will reveal the hidden secrets your dream house might be hiding and save you thousands in potential repair costs before you buy.

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Has your agent been recommending a pre-listing inspection?

A pre-listing inspection is the secret to getting the best deal when selling your home! Everyone knows that the last few years have been disastrous for the Real Estate industry. There have been record numbers of foreclosures month after month with the situation only...

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How to Get Asbestos Out of an Older Home

Many people purchase older homes simply because they are cheaper and easier to afford.  The unfortunate thing about owning an old house is that there is a chance that asbestos is lurking in the walls and ceilings.  Your home inspection should have helped identify the...

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Does Your Town Have The Right to Inspect Your Home?

Here is an interesting idea that came up recently for some residents of Davison Township in Michigan.  The town has sent out letters to its residents stating that the town will begin inspecting the inside of homes to help with assessing the homes value for tax...

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Our infrared service sees what is hidden inside your walls. We reveal any water damage, overheated wires, or air leaks invisible to the naked eye.