los angeles home inspection


Why would a New home need to be inspected?

Many things can go wrong during new residential construction which could take years to surface and prove costly to the home-buyer if left undetected.

Municipal inspectors verify the minimum code compliance on a limited time schedule.

Bank inspectors only verify each phase has been completed.

Some builders have quality control personnel who review the project at the final phase: however, not every aspect of the subcontractor’s work is visible at this time.

Examples of possible deficiencies:

  • Void in Lintel Potential Fire Hazard Improperly Installed H-Clip
  • Roof Inspection reveals improper gutter instalation
  • Inadequate Bearing Support for Roof Trusses Reinforcing Steel Cut, requiring Field Repair by a Structural Engineer Contaminated Fill Dirt

Oftentimes, many problems that would be difficult to repair later can easily be corrected during construction.

Our Construction Division Can Assist!

PureFusion Consulting Property Inspections serves as the buyer’s advocate, overseeing the construction to ensure their home is compliant with the new Building Code and plan specifications, with an eye towards workmanship.

We also ensure the construction is in compliance with the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines as adopted by the National Association of Home Builders.

Many builders welcome us on job sites and realize that we are another set of eyes helping them to build a quality home.

Construction In-Progress Contracts

Typically includes 12-15 inspections throughout the construction for home over 1,500 sq.ft. and 9-12 inspections on homes less than 1,500 sq.ft.

A 30% deposit is due at the signing of the contract and you will be invoiced after each phase of construction has been completed.

Our inspector will do ’rounds’ and follow up on any deficiencies listed in our previous reports to ensure they have been resolved.

It is not necessary for you to set up individual appointments, as our inspector sets up his schedule to ensure that he is always on top of the construction of your property and he will schedule site visits according to the progress of the construction.

Our inspector will dictate deficiencies on a tape for our office to transcribe. Our commitment to have the report out to you is 24-48 hours after the inspection.

We can fax a copy of the report to you as well as your builder if you prefer.

We encourage you to be in full communication with your builder throughout the course of construction.

The building plans are required to be kept on site in the permit box, however, this is sometimes not the case. If you have an extra set of plans for our inspector to utilize while overseeing your construction, it is helpful.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at your construction site to discuss our services, we will be happy to arrange this. If you hire our firm to oversee the construction of your project, the fee for this initial consultation will be credited to the total contract fee.

It’s never too late to get us involved!

Individual Phase Inspections

Individual phase inspections can be arranged if you are not interested in our firm overseeing your entire project.

You will be required to arrange individuals inspections with your builder and payments are due at the time of the inspection.

We can provide you with a report on site for individual inspections.

Re-Inspections to ensure deficiencies have been corrected can be arranged for an additional fee.

Is Your One-Year Builder Warranty About To Expire?

Performing a complete evaluation of a home just prior to the builder’s one-year warranty expiration provides a homeowner the documentation needed to hold their builder accountable for deficient items. As such, the homeowner can reduce costs beyond the first year of ownership.

Call our office 1 to 2 months prior to your builder warranty’s expiration to schedule your inspection.