los angeles home inspection


A Home Inspection in Los Angeles, San Diego

or Riverside often identifies problems with houses that are hidden from view or difficult to fully understand.  As a Buyer you can use these discoveries as leverage to negotiate repairs, a better price, or to walk away to a better house.

  • Does a small crack require a simple patch or signal a failing foundation?
  • Is fresh paint a sign of a well maintained home or a band aid covering serious water leaks in the roof?
  • Is a serious mold problem beginning in the walls?

Only a complete inspection from an experienced Los Angeles home inspector can give you the revealing information you need to make an informed decision when buying a home.   Watch this video to learn what every Prince and Princess know about hiring a Los Angeles Home Inspector.  When you are ready to hire your home inspector in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego or anywhere else in Southern California you owe it to yourself to use Tim Allisons experience and commitment to service to your advantage.

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