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Are there hidden safety or structural issues living under that house you want to buy. Los Angeles home inspector, Tim Allison, will reveal the hidden secrets your dream house might be hiding and save you thousands in potential repair costs before you buy.

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The importance of a home inspection after a disaster.

When a emergency strikes and you are out of your home due to a natural disaster, you need to be sure that your home is safe before you return. A home inspection is a crucial part of that process. Check out the this article on home inspections after a disaster in...

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Los Angeles Commercial Building Inspection

Los Angeles Commercial Building Inspection; Crucial for Profitable Investments. Having a Los Angeles commercial building inspection is a crucial factor in making sound investment decisions. This is a great time to expand or start a business. So weather you are looking...

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Los Angeles Building Inspector Tips

The work of a Los Angeles building inspector for area property investors has become more vital lately. This text is going to chat about the possible risks to speculators having a look at foreclosed properties. Over the past ten years property values first increased...

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Our infrared service sees what is hidden inside your walls. We reveal any water damage, overheated wires, or air leaks invisible to the naked eye.