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Are there hidden safety or structural issues living under that house you want to buy. Los Angeles home inspector, Tim Allison, will reveal the hidden secrets your dream house might be hiding and save you thousands in potential repair costs before you buy.

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Home Inspection for After the Storm.

After a major storm or other natural disaster you will have a lot of things to check on to make sure your house is safe.  The east coast is dealing with this challenge right now in a big way due to super storm Sandy.  However, other areas of the country deal with...

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How to Give Your Los Angeles House a Yearly DIY Inspection

This is a cool article I found on This Old House that dives a handy checklist for doing a yearly inspection of your own house.  This for anywhere but will be especially useful for inspecting your house in Los Angeles.  It is really hot this time of year so be very...

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Marin County getting tougher on home inspections.

I looks like Marin County is confusing the process of buying or fixing up a home.  Los Angeles home inspections are a little different and apply different rules to the consistency of and process for, making changes to a house and post build inspections.  The realtors...

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Our infrared service sees what is hidden inside your walls. We reveal any water damage, overheated wires, or air leaks invisible to the naked eye.