Home inspection in Rancho Cucamonga may not be the first thing you think of when you are looking for a new home in the area.  But did you know that among other issues that you need to be aware of and have inspected Mold is a special home inspection Rancho Cucamongaissue.  In fact, since 2004 the California Mold Disclosure Law has required that you be notified of the condition of the house in relation to mold.

Here is what you need to do the protect yourself.

  1. Make sure you send out a certified letter to the realtor and the seller to ask about the mold or water damage history of the house.  Ask for a copy of the CLUE report.  That is for insurance claims that have been submitted on the house covering the last five years related to mold and water damage.  CLUE is the insurance database that is used to help set rates for homes because of previous claims.  The realtor and owner are legally required to give you any info they have related to mold or flood issues.
  2. The second thing is to ask for a 2-3 week extension on the sale so you can have an environmental test done of the home under contract.
  3. Third, have the mold inspection of the home done by a certified and independent Rancho Cucamonga Mold Inspector of your own choosing that you pay for yourself.  You want to make sure you get an honest opinion and lab tested results, not hype about the dangers of mold or results that down play the real situation.  That way you can make your own decision based on solid information.

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