I know what you’re thinking.  “A home inspection in Los Angeles is only for old homes that have had time to wear out and break down.  My house was just built by a great builder and is just fine.  I don’t need to spend even more money on a complete inspection when I know everything is ok.”  Well, you are totally right – hopefully.  There are just a few things you might want to consider before you spend your first night in your new home.

  • This is all you really need to know.  There has been more than one home built without hooking up the sewer line to the sewer.  That means that all the waste from the house would build up under the house and rot instead of being taken away!  What a nightmare.  Can you imagine telling your friends, “I saved a few hundred on an inspection but now my house is filled with…”  Enough said
  • You are buying a new home and it should be perfect shouldn’t it?  You set high standards for yourself in your work and don’t let things slide by that are “good enough” you know you should fix.  You also probably expect all the different subcontractors who worked on your house always work as diligently as you do.
    Unfortunately, they do not!  Home inspections of brand new houses commonly find a variety of problems that are the result of carelessness, laziness, or just plain old “we don’t have to redo it because no one will notice till we are long gone” attitudes.  These problems are easily corrected when found early and then fixed by your builder, as opposed to you just after the warranty has expired.
  • The bank, county or city makes sure houses are built to code and everything is working as it should, right?  Unfortunately, the bank only cares that the different stages are completed, not that they are free of defects and potential hazards.  As for the county, they are overworked and cannot be on site at the needed times to check everything before potential problems are covered up.

You can see that there are many things that can go wrong with a house even when it is being built by a top notch builder.  Equipment can be damaged.  Incorrect installation of various materials or simply overlooking the completion of important items can cost a home owner lots of money and frustration down the road when these things should be corrected by the builder for nothing.  The simple answer to avoiding tons of trouble is to have a home inspection in Los Angeles done during the construction process.  If the house is already complete then the property inspection should be done before the close of escrow.

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