After a major storm or other natural disaster you will have a lot of things to check on to make sure your house is safe.  The east coast is dealing with this challenge right now in a big way due to super storm Sandy.  However, other areas of the country deal with similar issues on a regular basis because of tornadoes, floods, snow storms and earthquakes.

Sometimes homes are completely destroyed and the damage is obvious.  Other times it is difficult it see where there are problems with the structure or inner workings of a building.  Electrical systems hidden in the walls along with damaged insulation and developing mold problems can be difficult to see without the proper equipment.  Repairs can be expensive but it is better than living in a damaged and unsafe house.

If you are in the Los Angeles area you can have a thorough and complete home and mold inspection done by yours truly.  In the mean time you should check out this article on The Epoch Times that contains a good rundown on what to look for after your home is hit.