home inspection claremontYour realtor has has found you a beautiful house that just fits in your price range. Great! But, what is the next step? Before you close escrow you need to get a home inspection Claremont style. You wouldn’t buy a used car without taking it to your favorite mechanic would you?

I don’t care if it has a new paint job and they steam cleaned the engine. You need to get it checked out by a pro.

Your house is the same. You saw that little crack in the wall, right? Is it nothing to worry about or is it a sign of a problem with the foundation? What are the top three things a home owner could do to hide needed repairs and how much would they cost you if you didn’t see them until after you closed escrow?

You owe it to yourself to get a qualified and certified home inspection in Claremont. Mysteries are for reading on the beach not for living in.

Call Tim right now to book your inspection. He is seriously the best Claremont home inspector.

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