A pre-listing inspection is the secret to getting the best deal when selling your home!

Get a pre-listing inspection!


Has your agent been recommending a pre-listing inspection?

Everyone knows that the last few years have been disastrous for the Real Estate industry. There have been record numbers of foreclosures month after month with the situation only beginning to turn around. Your agent has been dealing with the situation; banks hoarding listings, price drops, vacant houses developing unseen problems.

One thing that your agent is sure to have mentioned is that during the sales process there will need to be an inspection of the home – the interior, exterior, vital systems like the plumbing, water heater, roof, electrical and many more. This inspection is designed to help protect the buyer. It keeps them from having to deal with unforeseen problems and having a nightmare after the sale is closed.

What your agent may not have mentioned to you is how the rash of foreclosures on the market has scared buyers of residential homes or what you can do to calm the nerves of the worried lookers to your house.

Get a pre-listing inspection!

A pre what? Look, here is what is going to happen when someone comes to your house and is interested. They are going to want to know about any issues with the house. What, there are no issues! Are you sure? And does it really matter if you are sure? All that really counts is what is in the minds of your potential buyers and are they worried about your small cracks and old water stains on the ceiling.

You can let them find out the condition of your house on their own with their inspector. They will find some things that you just haven’t noticed because they have happened over time. Then you will have to run around in a hurry to get estimates for repairs they are requiring before they are willing to sign the deal. That is the worst way to do it. You want to have time to shop around and get multiple estimates and check recommendations for your contractors. Without that time you will lose money on the repairs, potentially thousands, get on the wrong end of the negotiations, and only make the weakest deal for you. To avoid that situation you need to get in front of the potential problem and come prepared.

You can have your home inspected before you list it. Get a qualified home inspector, check his credentials, background and references. It will cost you a few hundred to have the inspection done depending on the size of your house and as a result you will have a really good idea of what the buyers will find and how much it will take to make them happy. You will have the power in the negotiations.

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